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SECRET member Hyosung reveals her thoughts about her weight and ‘gummy smile.’

On the recent broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3,” Hyosung appeared as a special guest and talks about her appearance.

She reveals, “I take care of my appearance diligently. My female celebrity friends were asking, ‘Where do you go?’ or ‘What kind of care do you receive?’ and more. Up until now, men had complimented me. This time around, women did, and it made me happy.”

Hyosung also reveals, “There were malicious comments when I was chubby saying, ‘How can you be an idol with that kind of body?’ This is why I decided to go on a diet. When I lost weight, there were still malicious comments like, ‘You are the first person I disliked after you lost weight.’ I wondered what I was supposed to do. I was really traumatized.”

The idol also goes to talk about her ‘gummy smile’ by saying, “Ever since I was young, I have never thought of it as an eyesore. From my perspective, I think that my smile is okay. Fans would sometimes say, ‘Thanks to Hyosung, I have become confident about my gums and smile brightly wherever I go. Thank you.’”

Hyosung also adds, “It makes me proud.”

Recently, fitness instructor Yang Jung Won talked about Hyosung’s alleged cosmetic surgery of her ‘gummy smile’ on a live radio broadcast.


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