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Former T-ARA member Hwayoung’s twin sister Hyoyoung revealed to be terminating her contract with MBK Entertainment.

After the disbandment of MBK Entertainment’s six member girl group F-ve Dolls (previously known as 5Dolls) last March, Hyoyoung is said to be leaving the agency.

According the media outlet Star Today, Hyoyoung has sent an official form to the agency requesting to terminate her contract.

Her close friends also revealed to Star Today that, “It is difficult to explain in detail, however, there was no conflict between Hyoyoung and MBK Entertainment. She just hopes that the nullification process would go smoothly with CEO Kim Kwang Soo.”

Of the former members of F-ve Dolls, Seunghee would be joining the new girl group DIA of MBK Entertainment while Hyewon has signed a contract with Key East Entertainment after her contract with MBK had ended. Though Hyoyoung still has a few more months left before her contract with MBK would end, she has requested for her contract to be terminated immediately before the expiration.

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If Hyoyoung would be leaving MBK Entertainment, she would be following the steps of her twin sister Hwayoung who previously left MBK Entertainment after the alleged bullying controversy among T-ARA members in 2012.

MBK Entertainment then responds to the issue and reveals that they are still discussing the issue regarding Hyoyoung’s contract termination.


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