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Designer Hwang Jae Geun and model Kim Jin Kyung apologize following their remarks about 2NE1’s CL during “My Little Television”.

Kim Jin Kyung took to her Instagram account and apologizes to CL and her fans, she writes, “Hello. This is Kim Jin Kyung. I have gathered my strength to apologize for my thoughtless action regarding 2NE1’s CL. I think I may have made fans and CL-nim uncomfortable during the live-broadcast filming with my rude behavior and words which came out with not much thought on my part. I sincerely apologize. I am very apologetic that I may have disappointed those who have been supporting me. From now on, I will work hard to become Kim Jin Kyung who does not act thoughtlessly.”


Hwang Jae Geun also apologized regarding what had happened previously. He says, “Hello CL-nim fans, and viewers of ‘MaLiTel’. Jin Kyung has been in a tough situation because of a question I threw on her regarding CL during the filming. It is largely my fault. Though it was a variety show, it was an unintentional mistake which have happened during the conversation between me and Jin Kyung as a professional designer and model when we have conducted the broadcast with fashion content. I hope that you would all be generously understanding.”

“Although Jin Kyung is a top model in Korea, she is still a high school student. I ask that you give Kim Jin Kyung support once again. If another opportunity would given in regards to ‘MaLiTel’ broadcast, we would work hard with a more prudent heart so that we would not disappoint everyone. Please support on Jin Kyung so that she would not leave my segment in the broadcast. I feel so bad to her that I could cry. Jin Kyung, I am sorry,” he adds.