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Trot singer Hong Jin Young revealed to have undergone colon polypectomy after being diagnosed with intestinal polyps on KBS 2 TV’s “Vitamin”.

On the recent episode of “Vitamin”, there were polyps discovered on Hong Jin Young’s ascending colon. It is said that polyps are benign growths which could eventually become colon cancer.

Even before the test results were revealed, Hong Jin Young expresses her worries on her health as she would often skip meals and often eats unhealthy foods due to her busy schedule.


Hong Jin Young then reveals that she is thankful for the show saying, “’Vitamin’ has saved my life. I would be taking intestinal exams and take good care of myself from now on.”

After the singer underwent colon polypectomy, her agency then reveals, “Hong Jin Young received her colon polypectomy surgery the day after her colonoscopy. Fortunately, they were small which is why they were easily removed. Currently, there are no problems with her health.”

Hong Jin Young debuted in a girl group SWAN last 2007 and debuted her first digital single “Love Battery” on 2009 which made her win the ‘Best Trot’ award at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

She was also played cameo roles on various Korean dramas and appeared on variety shows, including “We Got Married”, in which she was in a virtual marriage with actor Nam Goong Min.

Meanwhile, the KBS show “Vitamin” is an informative show which tackles health issues and recommends food and recipes which is good for the body.