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Henry unveils his three-story house in Toronto and his father reveals that he was not happy when he was accepted in SM Entertainment.

In the recent episode of JTBC’s variety show “Where Is My Friend’s House”, the cast visits the house of Super Junior-M member Henry in Toronto, Canada.

The cast were surprised as they see Henry’s three-story house with a three car garage. They also meet the Henry’s parents, his older brother, his younger sister and his older brother’s friend.


While touring in Henry’s house, his brother shows his musical talent as he plays a jazz number in the piano. The idol then joins his brother by playing the violin. After their short performance, Henry’s mother and father each played a song with the piano as well, revealing that they are an overall musically talented family.

Watch Henry and his brother’s performance as well as his mother and father’s performance below!

During the interview portion of the show, Henry’s father was asked of his thoughts on Henry being accepted in SM Entertainment.

Henry's father

“One day, Henry told me that he was going to go into an SM Entertainment audition. When he came home, he said that he was accepted, but I was not really happy since I know that it means that he would have to go to Korea,” Henry’s father reveals.

Henry’s mother also revealed that originally, she was unsure of him leaving home as well. However she could not ask him to give up since she knew how passionate he was.