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Rappers Heize and Crucial Star revealed to have broken up.

Previously, reports of the relationship of the two rappers have surfaced. It revealed that Heize and Crucial Star have been dating for two years.

However, recently, it has been revealed by media outlet TV Report that they have separated months ago and have become simply colleagues. Moreover, it has been revealed that Heize and Crucial Star have ended their relationship prior to the start of the filming of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” which Heize is currently participating.

It was also reported that Heize was surprised on the recent news that she is still in a relationship with Crucial Star. To this, she has informed the producers of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” about their break up. Her busy filming schedule made her miss the chance of sharing the break up news herself, she has asked the production to clarify her current relationship status through the show.

The producers respected her wish to clear up the misunderstandings and went on to clarify their relationship status through the latest episode.

Heize and Crucial Star

During Heize’s diss battle with KittiB, the former used Crucial Star’s song “I’m Okay” as her instrumental background for her rap.

KittiB started her performance by saying, Dahye (Heize’s real name), you okay, you okay? You heard this song somewhere?”

To this, Heize was shown to be uncomfortable after hearing the track and thus making her forget her lines.

Watch their diss battle below!

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