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Super Junior member Heechul reveals the reason why he left JTBC talk show “War of Words” and the reason why he unfollowed f(x)’s Sulli on Instagram.

On the recent episode of “Radio Star”, the members of Super Junior, Heechul, Siwon, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Yesung made a guest appearance on the show.

In the show, Heechul, who was known for his sharp tongue and his honesty was asked regarding f(x) member Sulli, who has recently gained attention after she has been rumored to withdraw from f(x) to focus on her individual activities. Heechul and Sulli have been known to be close friends.

Heechul then responds, “I withdrew from ‘War of Words’ in order to keep away from talking about Sulli, but now you are asking me about her in here,” making the studio to burst into laughter.

Heechul RS 1

He was also asked regarding the recent issue in which the fans found out that he and f(x) member Amber have unfollowed Sulli on Instagram after the rumors of her withdrawing from the group has surfaced.

Heechul then reveals, “Our SNS sometimes gets hacked. At that time, all of my followers were lost.”

Heechul RS 2

“Sulli also told me regarding the articles about the unfollowing incident and I read some comments that said, ‘If Heechul unfollowed Sulli, she is not human,’” Heechul adds while giving a look of regret.

Heechul was also asked regarding the current status of Sulli and Choiza’s relationship, to which Heechul responds with “Just ask Gaeko. Isn’t that a stubborn thing to say,” and laughed.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is currently promoting their new title track “Devil.