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Super Junior member Heechul shared the story as to how he almost gave up debuting at SM Entertainment.

On the broadcast of Channel A’s “Singderella,” Heechul and his M&D partner TRAX’s Jungmo talked about their trainee days at SM.

Heechul shared, “Instead of being an idol trainee, I was actually preparing to become TRAX’s main vocalist first. However, I kept on clashing with another SM official because of our difference in musical styles. I was punished for writing an apology letter every time.”

“I got frustrated that I gave up on debuting with TRAX and went to my hometown in Gangwon Province instead. It was TRAX’s Jungmo and Jay, TVXQ’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Donghae who persuaded me to come back to SM,” he added.

He then revealed that after coming back to SM, there was a period of time where he felt lost and visited clubs often.

Afterward, Jungmo then shared a confession of Heechul’s influence on him by saying, “At one time, I still hurt from a one-sided love. Under Kim Heechul’s influence, I started to walk on the path of being a bad man.”

Meanwhile, TRAX went on to debut back in with members Jay Kim (Typhoon), No Min Woo (Rose), Kang Jung Woo (Attack) and Kim Jungmo (X-Mas), while Heechul made his debut with Super Junior in 2005.


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