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Former KARA member Hara shares a handwritten letter following her departure from the group and DSP Media and starting a new beginning under KeyEast Entertainment.

She writes,

“To Kamilia and everyone, it has been a long time since I have greeted you.

Hello, this is Goo Hara.

It is really cold these days, isn’t it?

Are you doing fine and not having a cold?”

These days, I am spending my days while enduring the cold wind and waiting for spring which will come soon.

For a while, a lot of news have come out so suddenly and a lot of people are worried… It is not an easy decision for me, but I am trying to walk slowly in a new place to make a new beginning.

Also, I feel safe since I am able to meet good people who would walk the road with me.

Up until now, as one of the KARA members, I have experienced many things which are not easily experienced at my age. I felt a lot of emotions and getting overflowing love from my fans.

Which is why, though I lack a lot, I have tried my best to live honestly and become someone whom you can trust. I am trying to walk a new path with the precious nine years I spent as a member of KARA.

I want to show different sides of myself as Goo Hara and challenge myself to a lot of things I have not yet tried all this time.

Since I am now alone, I might lack a lot, however, I would not be satisfied with my current self and I would show you my effort and improved self.

Kamilia, please always be healthy.”

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