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KARA’s visual member Hara reveals how she maintains her beauty on talk show “Happy Together 3”.

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together 3,” Goo Hara along with Lee Hyun Woo, Jin Goo and Shin Sung Woo has appeared as special guests.

Hara becomes very frank in revealing how she maintains her beauty most especially that they have recently made a Korean comeback with the song “Cupid”.

On the show, she was complimented on her gorgeous looks, to which MC Yoo Jae Suk comments, “It is a miracle to be born having a face like this [referring to Hara]”.

HARA happy together 3

Goo Hara then confesses, “It is not plastic surgery buy I often get laser treatment or botox from time to time,” shocking everyone with her honesty as not many idols are honest with the procedures that were done on their faces to be able to maintain a good image.

“When I was preparing for our comeback, I also got an intramuscular injection,” she reveals while pointing at both sides of her jaw.

“I also visited a dermatologist frequently since I was receiving lifting procedures,” Hara adds.

Hara also reveals that aside from those beauty procedures, she also does a lot of physical activities. “I also do Pilates, horseback riding and other kinds of physical exercises,” Hara reveals.


MC Park Mi Sun then comments, “I am telling you, the pretty ones always maintain their looks very diligently.”

Watch it below:

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