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Rapper Hanhae reveals that he has experienced weight loss and hair loss due to stress when he was appearing in “Show Me the Money 4” and talks about his new song “Cloud.”

Recently, the rapper has participated in a photo shoot and an interview with Grazia magazine for its October issue where he reveals that his body has suffered due to stress during the time when he was a contestant in the Mnet rap survival battle show, “Show Me the Money 4.”

hanhae grazia

Hanhae reveals, “I could not sleep well, and after I sleep, I would always find a handful of hair on my pillow. Also, I lost three kilograms in three days.”

After confessing that he had been stressed out for participating in the show, Hanhae then says with a laugh, “Thankfully, the hair loss has stopped after ‘Show Me the Money 4’ has ended.”

In the interview, Hanhae also talks about his new release “Cloud.” The rapper reveals, “For those that know who the rapper Hanhae is, I think that it would be great to listen to this song.”

“Most people who were able to know me through ‘Show Me the Money 4,’ think that I am a good and pitiful kid. However, with this song, I would like to erase that kind of image,” he explains.

It is said that Hanhae would be speaking about his honest thoughts on his experience as a musician and in “Show Me the Money 4” through the lyrics on his song.

Hanhae also plans to release a new track every month or every 6 weeks and is said to be promoting them actively.

Hanhae has previously gone on the headlines after judges San E and Verbal Jint have made a controversial decision of eliminating him on the show.