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Actress Han Hye Jin talks about her love for her husband, soccer player Ki Sung Yeung, and their daughter.

On Han Hye Jin’s recent interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay,” she talks about her husband and their daughter Ki Si On. She shared, “If my daughter would like to become an actress later on in her life, I will definitely support her actively. I want her to feel and be touched by the passion which people pour into projects.”

Han Hye Jin also revealed, “During her first birthday, she grabbed the golf ball. We set our lots of things, including a script, but she grabbed the golf ball.”

When asked about the most difficult thing which she has done for her husband, the actress said, “I wanted to make every meal for my husband. However, when I was pregnant, I could not do it because of my morning sickness. I decided to put on a mask and cooked for him. However, he did not know that I went that far.”

The actress was then asked if she would still marry Ki Sung Yeung in her next life, Han Hye Jin answered that she would without any hesitation. She then gives him a message by saying, “It is still you even if I am born again.”


The couple married on July of 2013 and their daughter was then born on September 12, 2015.

Meanwhile, the actress is known for her roles in the dramas, “Doctors,” “One Warm Word,” “Syndrome,” “Jejungwon,” and “Jumong.”