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Actress Han Groo revealed to be getting married next month!

On October 4, the actress confirms the reports through her Instagram account that she would be getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend of one year this coming November 8.

Han Groo wrote, “This morning, I woke up because of my phone ringing. There are reports saying that I am getting married. I was surprised, however I thought that I should give you the announcement by myself. I would be getting married to my boyfriend whom I have been for over a year. I am very certain that he loves me and care about me sincerely. I know that I am young and that work is important, but I feel that we have a bond together. I think it is fate that we would marry. Even after my marriage, I would continue to work hard~ Please support and congratulate us~”


Previously, the actress has gone public with her relationship with her boyfriend in May of this year by posting a couple photo of the two of them.

Han Groo also reveals to the media that the preparations for their private wedding is already underway and is nearly done. They are said to be focusing on the needed improvements. The actress was also asked as to why she is getting married now when she is still young, to which Han Groo responds, “Many seem to think that it is a shotgun marriage, however it is not. We are in love and he is really good to me, so I really became certain of our relationship. It is definitely not a shotgun wedding.”