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From this week’s tv show  ‘Name List 2015’, Park Si Hoo , Hallyu actor  placed  number 7 on the listing  of celebrities with luxurious homes, and his hidden secrets to his millionaire’s abode were  then revealed on the show.

The actor was born in a roofed tiled traditional house with a total of nine rooms and with private lake and large front yard.From a real estate specialist,   “It’s a traditional tile roofed house that was preserved for over 70 years. You can’t put a price on a house like this, but we have to see it that this is something that must continue to be preserved.”

Moreover, its more  impressing that  Park Si Hoo’s personal home which is  located in Seoul,  was released back in 2011 via SNS. To answer fans query, Park Si Hoo took pictures and uploaded them showing he is inside his house posing with his pet cat, and what caught everybody’s attention is the interior design of the house.

The program showed and gave more focused   on the monochromatic and  sophisticated  interior design as well as the unique lighting facilities  to accentuate his style.

Currently  Park Si Hoo dominates  the Hallyu charts from the past and current works both in Japan and China.