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Popular 1st generation boy group H.O.T. to possibly make their reunion for their upcoming 20th anniversary.

On September 3, an entertainment insider reveals that H.O.T. members Kangta, Moon Hee Jun, Tony Ahn, Lee Jae Won and Jang Woo Hyuk have been discussing the possibilities of returning to stage after their 14 years of hiatus.

It is reported that SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man supports the idea of the reunion since the group nears their 20 years anniversary, prompting Kangta to organize the reunion of the group.

In September 1996, H.O.T. made their debut under SM Entertainment with their album “We Hate All Kinds of Violence”. Some of their hit songs include, “Candy,” “We Are The Future,” and “I Yah”.

H.O.T. 2

H.O.T. was the first to have an album that became a ‘million seller’ despite the financial crisis in South Korea back then.

The group disbanded in 2001, with Kangta and Moon Hee Jun pursuing solo careers and with Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony Ahn and Lee Jae Won forming jtL before parting ways in 2003.

Meanwhile, all members have moved to different management agencies and have pursued different careers except for Kangta who has stayed with SM Entertainment. Moon Hee Jun became active as a singer and a host, Tony Ahn becoming a singer and a music producer, Jang Woo Hyuk making activities as a Korean singer active in China, Lee Jae Won as a musical singer and Kangta continuing as a singer and actor in China.

Are you excited for a possible reunion of H.O.T.?