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Former KARA leader Gyuri revealed her thoughts about the group and her acting career.

During a recent interview, Gyuri shared, “The members have her own fans. However, there are also people who support all the members of KARA. When I think about them, it is nice since even if someone is taking a break, someone else is promoting.”

With regards to her acting career, she stated, “I am here since KARA existed. I have lived as a child actor then I made my debut in KARA at the age of 20. While promoting with the group, I also took acting projects. It was not easy with regards to the schedule and seeing as how we were promoting as a group. Still, I kept on acting. Even in the future, I want to do my best while thinking of a long life ahead of me.”

Before debuting with KARA, Gyuri made her acting debut as a child actress in the 1995 MBC drama, “Today is a Nice Day.” She later appeared in the dramas, “Ladies of the Palace,” “The Person is Coming” “Nail Shop Paris,” “Secret Love,” “Sweet” and “Jang Yeong Sil.”

Following KARA’s disbandment, Gyuri signed with Motion Media and focused on her acting career. She is working on the films, “Two Rooms, Two Nights” and “How to Break Up With My Cat.”

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