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Gummy’s mother reveals her thoughts on Jo Jung Suk being her potential son-in-law

On the recent episode of KBS’ “Happy Together,” solo singer Gummy appears as a special guest on the show’s “Girl Crush” special, where she talks about her relationship with actor boyfriend Jo Jung Suk.

Each time the MCs of the show would mention her boyfriend’s name, Gummy’s face would turn red and her eyes would shake, thus drawing laughter from everyone on the set.

Gummy then addresses her relationship with Jo Jung Suk by saying, “It is a good thing that I do not have to lie about not having a boyfriend since I have already revealed my relationship with Jo Jung Suk. Even if I were to go back in time and would have another chance, I would reveal our relationship once again.”

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Later, the MCs then made an on-the-spot phone call to Gummy’s mother and asked her about her thoughts on Jo Jung Suk. Gummy’s mother then reveals, “Jo Jung Suk has a perfect score as a potential son-in-law. Gummy is already past the age for marriage, which is why I hope that she would get married soon.”

Meanwhile, Gummy and Jo Jung Suk have been revealed to be dating for around three years already and have confirmed their relationship just recently. They were said to be introduced to each other by a mutual friend and grew closer to each other since they share the same interest in music.


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