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Dispatch, a Korean media outlet, released another speculated dating couple. And now it is Actress/Fashionista Gu Joon Hee and the rapper Masta Wu that was recently in Mnet’s Show Me the Money. The two were spotted in different places in Seoul and was captured in pictures going on a theater at and Masta Wu even walked Gu Joon Hee to her place and send her off at the door of her place. And Gu Joon Hee was also spotted on Show Me the Money Concert.

go-joon-hee-masta-wuBut after the release, their agencies both denied the dating rumor.

Gu Joon Hee’s representative stated:

After we confirmed with her, she said that she only met him once with mutual friends, and did not know how these rumors came to be.” And they were also with friends and managers the representative said.

Masta Wu’s representative also stated:

“The dating rumors are not true. We believe they only met once with acquaintances.”


What do you think about these two? Are they really only acquaintances? Or they’re just covering up the issue so that fans won’t get mad at them?