Home » GOT7’s Jackson talks about his reaction towards girlfriend’s fart!?

More fun and laughs from GOT7s Jackson through the upcoming episode of JTBC‘s ‘Dating Alone’!


When asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”, Jackson stated his conditions of the contract, saying, “Because I made a promise with my agency CEO JYP hyung, I can’t date right now.” When asked, “If you find a good person, can’t you date her?”, he said, “I can’t date because I have a promise to keep for the time being.” When asked, “When was your last relationship?”, he said, “Before signing the contract.”

During his rumored date with Yuri, the issue of  farting in front of a girlfriend/boyfriend was brought out. Jackson stated that he’s laid back about it, sharing, “I just go bbang! Rather than trying to look good in front of someone, I want to show who I am normally.” When asked what he would  might think if he has a  girlfriend who farted in front of him, he smiles, “I think she would still look pretty in my eyes.” Even though her girlfriend’s fart s is loud and pungent, how will you react , Jackson  replied, in a cool manner “That’s okay, I just have to open a window,” bringing laughs.

Stay tuned  this will be aired on the 14th.