Home » GOT7’s Jackson sheds tears while reuniting with his mother in ‘Roommate’ preview


Seemingly though GOT7’s Jackson has his  Christmas miracle .He will be meeting his mother on the coming episode of ‘Roommate.’

On the December 16 episode  of ‘Roommate,’ Jackson visited the JYP Entertainment building  recruiting  J.Y. Park to the house for a Christmas get together where each member of the’Roommate’ will brought a close friend or a member  of the family to the house.

J.Y. Park was planning a special secret  gift for Jackson who has been lonely these holiday seasons because he is away from his family .

In the preview for the coming  episode, it shows that Jackson  was surprised and astonished while wiping his tears as he finally found out that he would be with his mother again.

You can check out  his reactions  in the preview above.