Home » GOT7’s Jackson and EXO’s Tao got minor injuries while filming ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’


It was reported that the two idols GOT7’s Jackson and EXO’s Tao sustained minor ankle injuries while recently filming for MBC’s next ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’.

The two idols were part of the basketball tournament while filming the ‘2015 Idol Star Athletics Championship’ at Goyang Gymnasium, Gyeonggido on the 2nd. Jackson and Tao  are said to have sprint during the game, and caused so much pain in their ankle as a result. They were rushed to an emergency treatment in the hospital to see if there are any further injuries.

Jackson‘s insider told TV Report, “Fans are expressing their worries at Jackson’s ankle injury. [Jackson] received emergency treatment yesterday, and plans to receive in-depth treatment today. Because it isn’t a major injury, once he receives treatment, it looks like he will be able to carry out his activities as normal.”

Tao also reassured fans that he’s okay via Instagram on the 2nd, writing, “Did you eat the chicken deliciously? keke It looks tasty. Thank you so much to all of the EXO-L who came out today. Thanks to you, I gain strength and am able to work harder. I’m okay keke don’t worry. There’s nothing to worry about. I am also proud of myself for finishing the game until the end hehe. It feels nice~ EXO-L, you guys are jjang [the best], and I love you. Also, I’m really thankful to Kangin hyung for taking care of me until the end. Thank you so, so much. Thank you to Jackson as well. Good job, everyone.”

A SM rep also shared, “He received emergency treatment right after and he’s currently resting at his dorm. Luckily his injury is not serious, but we will still schedule follow-up check ups for him to continue receiving care.”

Hoping  for  Jackson and Tao’s a immediate  recovery!