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Actress Goo Hye Sun has addressed the rumors surrounding her of being a compulsive liar in recent interview.

In the recent interview with media outlet TV Report, the actress responds to the rumors of being a liar.

She reveals, “I often look at negative comments about me. Those people who write such comments and those who believe in rumors think that it is the truth. I’m afraid I can’t do anything about that. The jokes that I have said have been transformed into truths, they were misunderstood when put into writing.”

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Goo Hye Sun reveals that she is the kind of person who likes to joke around. “I like humor and I like to joke. 80% of the things I say could be considered jokes,” she says.

“The things I have said have been portrayed in the media and then I started to appear as someone who always lies. That was where ‘compulsive liar Goo Hye Sun’ started,” she adds.

The actress also pointed out one example, “There was one time that it was reported that I have been living in a 10 square meter house, later it was revealed to be a 600 square meter house instead. What I have actually said was that it was my room which was 10 square meters and that I had two rooms like that, but those parts gets edited. Only the shocking parts were delivered. ”

“But I am the one who has provided those opportunities for things like that to happen. So I used to blame myself,” the actress continues.

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