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Leader of girl group GLAM Park Ji Yeon auditions on Mnet hip hop survival show “Show Me The Money 4” and raps about the Lee Byung Hun blackmailing incident.

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On the recent episode of the show, Park Ji Yeon auditions and introduces herself as a former member of the girl group GLAM.

Last January, one of their members Kim Da Hee has been sentenced to one year of imprisonment due to blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun for financial gain. The same day of the final trial, the group’s agency has revealed that the girl group has already disbanded as the members contracts have already expired.


During the interview, Park Ji Yeon reveals why she auditioned for the show. “GLAM disbanded after the blackmailing incident. I had to earn money so I worked at a restaurant,” Park Ji Yeon reveals.

“I can’t quit music like this. I wanted to rap which is why I entered,” she adds.


During the audition, Park Ji Yeon mentions in her rap, “As the leader of GLAM, I hid and lost my place to stand.”

Judge San E told her, “Your lyrics are good, however there is something missing in your delivery.” He then asked her if she had something else which she prepared. Park Ji Yeon then continues to rap more verses, unfortunately San E was not impressed and she was not able to pass the audition, but he compliments her by saying, “It was nice to see you reveal all the thoughts that you wanted to say.”


Watch her audition here!