Home » Glam’s Dahee was reported to have submitted 3rd apology letter for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun


It has been Glam’s Dahee’s third apology for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun since the start of the trials. It has been revealed that the letter of apology consists of request for favorable arrangements to the court.

From the Seoul Central District Court’s representative, he revealed to the media outlet TV Report on October 22:

After the first round of trials, Dahee has submitted her third letter of apology.  She submitted her third letter of apology today (on October 22) after submitting also last October 17 and  October 21.”


And a statement from Lee Byung Hun’s side was also revealed through his attorney Cha Dong Un:

We cannot confirm Dahee’s letter of apology.  We only know that she has submitted one to the court.  Honestly, it is hopeless. After repeatedly blackmailing and changing her words, she submits a letter of apology, which I cannot understand.  It looks like she is submitting a letter of apology continuously in order to create some influence in trial, but it is doubtful that the court will accept this.”

Dahee’s apology is said to consists of her, writing her regret for her wrongdoing and a request for favorable arrangements. But it seems that Lee Byung Hun’s side will not take light on this case and might not accept the apology because of her sudden changes in statements when the first few trials was ongoing.