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Girl’s Day member Yura reveals her dream roles and picks her dream co-stars.

In the recent photo shoot and interview with ONE magazine, Yura talks about her dream roles and reveals her dream co-stars.

She reveals, “I would like to try action and romantic comedies. I do not mind shooting arrows and riding horses for Korean historical dramas. I also like comedic roles just like Hwang Jung Eun in MBC’s ‘She Was Pretty.’ I also like the cool and honest character of Moon Chae Won in the film Today’s Love.’ These are the kinds of roles which I would like to try.”

The Girl’s Day member also picks actors Lee Seung Gi and Cho Jin Woong as her dream co-stars because of their cute and sexy charms. Yura also reveals Girl’s Day’s love for actor Cho Jin Woong by saying, “He is referred to as the hot guy among the four members of the group.”

Aside from promoting with Girl’s Day, Yura is also known for her roles on the dramas, “The Secret Angel,” “To the Beautiful You,” “Reckless Family 3,” “The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War 2,” “The Dramatic” and “Be Arrogant.”

More of Yura’s interview and photos would be released on the April issue of ONE magazine!


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