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Girl’s Day members Yura and Hyeri reveals that they spend time more time with each other than with their boyfriends.

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together,” Girl’s Day members Yura and Hyeri appeared as special guests and talked about friendship and boyfriends.

The MCs asked then, “You guys probably do not like it when you have boyfriends since your time with each other would be minimized?”

Hyeri then responds, “If we do get a boyfriend, we share time with him with each other.”

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Yura then adds, “Even if we do have boyfriends, we spend a lot of time together. Since we share our time together very often, it feels like we have known each other since we were born. I even feel like I know Hyeri better than my mom.”

She also adds, “Just by looking at her eyes, I could pretty much tell what she is feeling. We know each other too well.”

Hyeri reveals the members are still living together in a dorm by saying, “We are still living in our dorms. We have been living there for six years.”

Meanwhile, Hyeri has recently recovered after being diagnosed with meningitis. She is set to star on the new drama “Ddanddara.” Yura on the other hand is currently an MC for the travel variety show “Tasty Road.”

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