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Girl’s Day is South Korean girl group under the management company of DreamTea Entertainment. The group is consists of five members who are So Jin, Ji Hae, Min Ah, Yura and Hyeri respectively.

The DreamTea Entertainment had started the group’s promotions before their debut by mean of creating their official fan café, YouTube Channel, and Twitter accounts for the group and each member. There is also a forum that was made by fans and recognized by the management company as the group’s official international forum. The members had then showed some flash mobs before their debut on the commercial and entertainment districts of Seoul, and this gain much attention coming from the people. On 7th of July, the group had released their first music video titled, “Tilt My Head” and after two days they had released their debut mini album called, “Girl’s Day Party 1”

After two months since their debut, on the 12th of September, it was the announced on the group’s official Twitter account that two members of the group, Ji Sun and Ji In had left the group and there would be two new members that will cover the free to spots. “Two of our precious members of Girl’s Day are to be replaced. They are Ji Sun and Ji In. Ji Sun will study music more to find her own character in music, as she wanted. And Ji In is attracted in acting so she will concentrate on acting career. We will let you know our new members as soon as possible.” Two days after that, on the 14th of September, the two additional members were announced, namely Yura and Hyeri. On October 29, the new line up of the group had released their second digital single, “Girl’s Day Part 2” and on the next day, the music video for their title track, “Nothing Lasts Forever” was released.

In December 2010, the group had gotten their very first TV show alongside with the boy group U-Kiss. The show was titled, “We Are dating” and it is a spin off the hit TV show “We Got Married”. In this show three members of the group were paired to the other to serve as the first season. Last March 17, 2011, the group had released their 3rd single entitled, Twinkle Twinkle.

Below are the members’ profiles, please check it out and know more things about them! Their position, birth name and birth date are included.

So Jin :

  • Birth Name: Park So Jin
  • Birthday: May 21, 1986 (age 24)
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Ji Hae :

  • Birth Name: Woo Ji Hae
  • Birthday: May 14, 1989
  • Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Lead dancer

Yura :

  • Birth Name: Kim Ah Young
  • Birthday: November 6, 1992
  • Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Min Ah :

  • Birth Name: Bang Min Ah
  • Birthday: May 13, 1993
  • Position: Main Vocalist

Hyeri :

  • Birth Name: Lee Hye Ri
  • Birthday: June 9, 1994
  • Position: Vocalist, Maknae