Home » Girl’s Day experienced swearing during ‘The 4th GAON Kpop Awards’

At The 4th GAON Kpop Awards’ a  fancam of Girl’s Day walking on  their red carpet entrance  is creating a noise as the video catches fans screaming and shouting at the idols.


A Bestiz post  on January 28 titled, “The thoughtless people who cursed at Girl’s Day’s faces today,” brought attention to this fancam. In the clip that were shown,  the members were seen posing for the cameras on the red carpet. As they pose, people were shouting, screaming and indignantly saying bitter words such as, “Get out you b*tch!” as well as rudely shouting at them, “Hey, what are you!” and “Hey you!

Netizens have noticed that the Girl’s Day members showed a feeling of nuisance and uncomfortable posing in the video as if they are aware that they were being insulted. It was caught that while Sojin appears shaken from the beginning of the video, Yura appeared to be so nervous when the girls were taking pictures.

Other  pictures have been uploaded citing the same  incident . From the  clips , the crowd were really shouting and screaming so loud that these members were being put to shame.

The netizen who made the post writes, “The people who attended ‘The 4th GAON Kpop Awards’ red carpet, please apologize via Twitter or some online community. [To everyone else], reply with which fandom you think they’re from.

However, some netizens were unable to determine  as to which fandom the buzzing  crowd belonged to , the boy group EXO was brought up repeatedly among the comments. Netizens wondered that EXO-Ls (EXO fans) were the ones screaming and shouting  at Girl’s Day due to recent gossips  and noise of Sojin and EXO member D.O. dating. EXO-Ls were also believed to have asked Sojin to make her Instagram private just a few weeks later.

This  unbecoming  behavior  lead netizens to compare EXO fans to members of Ilbe, an internet humor site where there is freedom to do any controversial things.

Netizen comments read, “I wonder if the EXO fans will come out again saying there’s no evidence that it’s them, just like with the ticketing controversy,” “Does calling yourself a good EXO fan mean being comparable to an Ilbe member?” and, “We should call these fans EX-be (combination of EXO and Ilbe), what else could we call them? There should be a distinction between EXO-Ls and EX-bes. Those who sacrifice even their sanity to their oppas and will show that anywhere are EX-bes. EXO can cause this much of a social phenomenon.