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GFriend member Yuju reveals the story as to how she broke her right hand as well as her sleeping habits.

On the recent broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2 o’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” the members of GFriend appeared as special guests.

Yuju, who was wearing a cast on her arm, was asked about her injury. She then reveals, “I woke up one night and it was very cold in the room. I got up to switched off the air conditioner. However, I fell and broke my hand.”

“Thankfully, I still turned off the air conditioner,” she jokingly adds.

DJ Kim Tae Gyun then jokes, “The determination to turn off the air conditioner even if you break your arm is truly incredible.”

Jung Chan Woo then adds, “You must have been really cold!”

Sowon then reveals that Yuju tends to sleep talk and seemed to be practicing their choreography since she suddenly yells out, “Put energy all the way to your fingertips!”

She also goes to add that Yuju even cries in her sleep, to which Yuju admits by saying, “One time, I dreamt that my mother turned into a tomato which is why I cried.”

As the studio bursts into laughter, the hosts then ask her, “Was her head a tomato, or was she a tomato?” Yuju then explains, “She was totally a tomato!”

When asked as to how she knew that it was her mom, she then reveals, “She smelled just like my mom. Anyone could have known that it was my mom. However, she was a tomato!”