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g.o.d is a South Korean pop music group that got their name by the acronym Groove Over Dose. Their name was a lower cased to avoid any confusion with God. The group is very successful and had gained to be one of the few groups that have an album which reached millions of copies sold in the Korean music industry.

The group had debuted alongside with their single, “To Mother”. The music video for the said song had featured actor Jang Hyuk. After they had won the Daesang in the three major broadcasting charts in Korea because of their multi-million selling  4th album, the group had began a “100-day Human Concert” where in all the shows are sold out and each day there is a different theme.

The five members had also appeared in a Korean TV series, where they had acted as a family that is taking care of a little boy named Han Jae Min. Every one of them had a designated role for the family, just like Son Ho Young who acts as the mother and Park Joon Hyung as the father.

The five members are respectively Son Ho Young who was born in New Jersey, United States. In the year 2006, he had released his very first solo album called YES, which contains the singles “I Know”, “Unda (Crying)”, “YES”, and “Sarang eun ibyeoreul (Love Brings Separation)”. He had also re-released his album which contains a DVD for the album’s music videos. Another member is Kim Tae Woo who is the lead singer of the group. Even though he did some guest vocals for other artists, he did not have his own solo album until the 26th of October, 2006. As both he and Son Ho Young had released their albums around the same time, both of them had appeared often on the same varieties shows which also include their joint appearance on Happy Together: Friends.

There are also Danny Ahn who was born in Seattle, Washington and a rapper of the band. He is very much notable because of his talent in acting and in rapping. He had first debuted in music industry as a rapper for the singer Uhm Junghwa and become then a part of the group. He had released his first solo album on May 28, 2007 and he is also a radio DJ for the show Kiss The Radio. Park Joon Hyung on the other hand who is also known as Joon Park is a Korean – American singer, actor and he is the assigned leader of the group. He had graduated from La Quinta High School in Westminster, California and he had also attended California State University, Long Beach. Just like Danny Ahn, he also serves as one of the rapper of the group.

Most recently, for the 600th episode anniversary of KBS Music Bank, three of the members had performed their hit song named “Lies”, once again showing that they are truly one of the legends in the Korean music.