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Female soloist G.NA talks about regaining her confidence through “King of Mask Singer.”

In a recent interview and photo shoot with The Star magazine, G.NA talks about how she has regained her self-confidence through MBC music variety show “King of Mask Singer,” her future plans, as well as fashion and beauty.

When she was asked about what she felt after her appearance on the popular music program “King of Mask Singer,” she reveals, “I was nervous and I thought, ‘What if no one would recognize my voice? Wouldn’t I feel disappointed?” She also adds that she was grateful when panel member Baek Ji Young was able to recognize her voice and that she was happy to see people listen to her music with their own ears, instead of their eyes.

The music program turned out to be a source of the needed encouragement for G.NA and her career. It was also revealed that she was able to regain her confidence as a singer and is currently preparing for her next album. “From now on, I would like to sing more ballad songs instead of dance tracks,” the female soloist reveals.

G.NA the star

G.NA was also asked regarding her beauty and fashion secrets, to which she describes her fashion style to be minimalistic with an edge. She also reveals that she keeps things interesting by finishing off her outfits with statement jewelry. The female singer is said to have over 800 perfumes on her collection and three dressing tables. In order to keep her body fit and healthy, she is also said to be doing pilates and yoga.

Meanwhile, G.NA’s full interview and photo shoots could be found on the October issue of the magazine.