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BIGBANG leader G-Dragon reveals the group’s plans for their enlistment.

On the recent press conference of BIGBANG for their 10th anniversary exhibition, the members were asked about their military enlistment plans.

With regards to having the ‘top spot,’ G-Dragon jokingly says, “I do not want to leave anymore. I would like to stay here for a long time.”

He later adds, “When our country calls us, we will go. But, we do not know when or who it would be. For the time being, I want to show people the five-member BIGBANG for as long as possible.”

G-Dragon also adds, “We will go and do our duty well. It is the aftermath which is the problem. However, when that time comes, we might be older and change our minds.”

He also reveals, “Though we will always be BIGBANG, we do not know what will happen whenever we finish our enlistment. However, no matter how long it takes, whenever I get my confidence back again, I will definitely appear in front of the public eye once again, right?”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary exhibition known as the “BIGBANG10 The Exhibition A to Z,” will feature the photos, videos, costumes and more elements about the group. The exhibition will take place at the S-Factory in Seoul from August 5 up to October 30.

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