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BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang recall their rookie days.

On a recent interview, G-Dragon shared, “When we first debuted, we released lots of singles. If we happen to re-release it now, people would think that they are new songs since there are a lot of people who does not know them. These days, when rookies debut and top the charts, people would call it a successful debut. However, when we were rookies, it was not that kind of system.”

“We have started from the bottom, and tried many things. We have even came out with one single per month and performed them, to the point that camera directors were feeling sorry for us. They told us, ‘You guys must be struggling’,” he added. “Back then, we were poor-looking,” G-Dragon shared while smiling.

Taeyang also revealed, “We were hungry for success. We did not care about anything else.”

“We would get up in the morning and if there were no schedules, we go to lessons, clean up the apartment and sleep. We did almost every variety shows. We went to all stage performances. We would make the choreography, write music, record them and perform concerts. It was difficult,” G-Dragon continued.

Taeyang then expressed his gratefulness by saying, “Back then, I would go and do interviews and take photos at different media companies. Thank you for coming all the way here for us. Sorry and thank you. Even if we are lacking in some ways, we hope that you could understand. Please be careful of the cold.”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has recently released their full-length “MADE” album.


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