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Former U-KISS member Dongho revealed to be getting married this November!

As revealed by iWedding who is involved in Dongho’s wedding plans, “The bride and groom have begun their preparations for their upcoming wedding since last three months ago and they are going through the preparations one step at a time. They would be revealing the details of their wedding as well as their wedding pictorial later.”

Dongho is a former member of U-KISS who left in 2013 due to health reasons and his wish to pursue a solo career. Aside from being a member of the boy group, he has also acted in dramas and films such as “Don’t Cry Mommy,” “Villain and Widow,” “Hong Gil Dong 2084” and “My Black Mini Dress.” Currently, he is working as a DJ under the stage name Justin Shin.

Dongho DJ

Many of the fans are surprised with the news of Dongho’s marriage since he is a ’94 liner, or a person who is born in 1994, making him 21 years old. It has also been said that his bride-to-be is a year older than him and that they would get married in the middle of November. If the news regarding Dongho’s marriage is true, he would be the youngest idol to get married.

Meanwhile, the wedding news has not yet confirmed by Dongho himself or by his representatives and his bride-to-be is not yet revealed to the public.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dongho’s upcoming marriage in November!


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