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Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon reveals his thoughts on the upcoming comeback of MBLAQ as a trio.

In a recent interview with Korean media outlet Osen, the former member commented, “I wish MBLAQ the best.”

On the same day as the interview, May 28, MBLAQ has announced that they would be releasing a new album has a 3-member group on June 9.

mblaq-main-mirror-800x450Regarding the comeback, Lee Joon commented, “I wish them all the best. Although I have not heard the song yet, I believe they would be able to do well.”

Lee Joon has also clarified the reports about him focusing only on acting after his departure from the group.

“What I meant was that I want to focus on acting for now, it is not that I’m really going to quit singing for good. It is just that I am not that pleased with my acting skills yet so I want to focus on it for now,” Lee Joon reveals.

“If ever I am given a chance to sing again, I will probably consider it,” he adds.

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On being asked if it was a recent decision to focus on acting, he responds, “It just happened naturally, instead of really deciding that I want to concentrate on being an actor. Back in third year middle school, I have always wanted to act, and I even went to classes where I can learn how to act in high school. Now I have gotten here naturally.”

Meanwhile, the last episode of Lee Joon’s drama ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’ will be aired on June 2.