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Former LPG member Han Young reveals the story of how she got caught dating and idol boyfriend.

On the recent broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Star Show Wonderful Day,” Hanyoung talked about her previous relationship with an idol boyfriend. She shared, “It is a story from a while back. However, I do have an experience with dating at work and it was right after I debuted. At that time, my boyfriend and I had the same schedule for a music show. We coincidentally ran into each other in the hallway. No one was around at that time, so in the broadcasting network building, we kissed like we normally do.”

“It was just a quick peck. There was no one around so we thought that we could get away with it. However, inside the building’s lobby, there were lots of CCTV monitors everywhere. The employees saw everything and the story reached my boss eventually,” Hanyoung adds.

To this, Yoon Young Mi then told her, “There are no CCTV cameras in the stairways inside the broadcasting network buildings. There are also blind spots in the stairways, the corners. You have to do it there.”

Meanwhile, Han Young made her debut with LPG (Lovely Pretty Girls) with the debut album, “Long Pretty Girls” released in the fall of 2005. She then left the group in 2008 to pursue a solo career.


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