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Former 4Minute members Jihyun, Gayoon, Sohyun and Jiyoon, thanks their fans through letters and posts for the group’s 7th anniversary since debut following their disbandment and contract expiration with their management agency Cube Entertainment.

Gayoon writes, “7th anniversary. Thank you for staying with me. However, I could not express what I feel in writing.”

Sohyun also shares, “Each year, I give thanks during this date… This year, my heart is sad and sorry… I am very thankful and so apologetic to 4NIA who have always stayed by our side, who loved and supported us for seven years… Thank you 4NIA…”

Jiyoon writes, “I miss you 4NIA. It has been seven years since I made my debut with 4Minute. I am happy thanks to all of you. I feel sorry since I could not end it on a beautiful note. I will repay it. Since I would not be able to forget it. Please always stay by our side just like the unchanging blue sky I love you. Thank you very much.”

Jihyun also updates, “Today, seven years ago. I was really nervous. I was so young that time~ haha time flies fast. Have a good day!”

Meanwhile, 4MINUTE the members except HyunA has officially left Cube Entertainment following their contract expiration, thus resulting in the group’s disbandment. The group made their debut back in June 2009 with the single, “Hot Single.”

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