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FIESTAR member Linzy reveals on a recent interview that she almost became a 2NE1 member.

In a recent photo shoot and interview with “International bnt”, Linzy reveals that she was a former YG Entertainment trainee and became a candidate for 2NE1.

Linzy was also revealed to have auditioned for a total of 9 years since she was in grade 6 before she finally got into a company.

The FIESTAR member also revealed that there were not that many trainees at YG Entertainment that time, and that she have spent a lot of time with 2NE1 members as well as SPICA member Bohyung. However, she left YG Entertainment and has joined LOEN Entertainment where she debuted as a member of FIESTAR.

Linzy shares, “If I have become a 2NE1 member, more people would have known me and I would have gotten more fame and money, however, I think that was not my path.”

She also reveals that she is still close friends with Bohyung, but has grown apart with the members of 2NE1 as they have become busy.

Linzy spent four years as a trainee in LOEN Entertainment before debuting, at that time 2NE1 had already debuted and have become FIESTAR’s ‘sunbaes’ when they debuted. When she met 2NE1 in a music show, she thought that the members have forgotten her, but the members caller her name first and approached her, Linzy then reveals that she was touched by the 2NE1 member’s gesture.


Also, Linzy also reveals that her role models, individually and as a group, is Girl’s Generation. She reveals that she admires how the group has been able to promote for so long as well as their sub-unit TaeTiSeo.


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