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Father of Davichi member Kang Min Kyung suspected of cheating money from a religious group.

It has been reported that Kang Min Kyung’s father have received money from a religious foundation called ‘A’ under the pretext of paying their taxes. However, he is suspected of misappropriating the money for his company use. He is currently under investigation by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Korea’s Goyang Branch.

The attorney of the religious foundation reveals, “Mr. Kang approached the foundation, who was in the process of purchasing real estate for their religious use, and introduced them to an agent. But, due to the mistake of the agent, the bill of sale was voided. When the foundation was reimbursed with cancellation fee, Mr. Kang had allegedly tricked them, ‘If you receive a cancellation fee from the agent, you must pay 444,160,000 KRW in taxes. The fee is subject to tax withholdings. If you give that money to me, I will pay the taxes in your stead.’”

He adds, “Mr. Kang used the funds he received on his company and the foundation learned that belatedly since they are a non-profit organization. They do not have any duty to pay taxes on their cancellation fee or an obligation to withhold taxes. They have requested Mr. Kang to refund the money, however, he refused. As a result, they had to file a lawsuit.”

CJ E&M, the management agency of Kang Min Kyung reveals, “We did not hear anything about it. We will look into it.”