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Fans of Super Junior petition for Kangin to leave the group following his second drunk driving accident.

On May 25, a petition was posted on an online community with the title, “Statement Asking for the Removal of Kangin from Super Junior.”

The petition reveals, “Since it is certain that Kangin’s unlawful acts would be damaging to Super Junior’s group activities. This appeal was made to the opinion that it is unfair for Kangin to continue to promote with Super Junior. We relay our opinions through this statement.”

It also explains, “Kangin was previously punished for a hit and run DUI incident in 2009. He missed his mandatory reserve training in 2015. Now, he has another drunk driving accident. We see this as a fraudulent act towards fans and the members who believed and supported him despite his previous cases.”

Moreover, the petition reveals, “We see this series of actions not benefiting Super Junior’s image and career in any way. We see them as actions which only cause damage. From our position as fans who support Super Junior, we could not help but discuss this issue that will significantly influence their image.”

Kangin petition

Meanwhile, Kangin has recently taken a break from his entertainment activities to reflect on his actions following his second drunk driving accident where he hit a street light pole, and his blood alcohol concentration was around 0.05 percent.

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