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After the Girl’s Generation leader Taeyeon had announced that she would be taking legal action against the malicious commenters, fans have helped the idol in collecting materials.

Previously, Taeyeon reveals on her Instagram account that it is not only her that has been hurt by the malicious comments, but as well as her family, friends and fans. She also writes, “The legal process has now started, but I plan to add more materials. Fans, if you have materials of malicious activity, please send them so I can collect them.”

Fans of Taeyeon have then started collecting materials such as screenshots of comments and pictures from social media as evidences against the malicious commenters in order to help their idol.

A fan from twitter @flying_petals, took the initiative of setting an email account in which fans could send the materials that they have gathered.

On June 22, the twitter user @flying_petals have provided a recent update regarding the status of the materials collected, “If you would be sending materials, I would be grateful if you would send it all in one .zip file. I am looking through the materials and organizing the relevant files.”

@flying_petals 1

Along with the message, the twitter user also included a screenshot which has a 1.42 GB total of evidence collected through the fan email account.

@flying_petals 2

While some netizens have helped Taeyeon in collecting evidence against the malicious commenters since her announcement of taking legal action, some malicious commenters have attempted to apologize to the idol and felt sorry for what they have done.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue!