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F.T. Island is a five-member band from Korea. Also known as Five Treasure Island, the current members of the band are Choi Jong Hun, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, Song Seung Hyun, and Choi Min Hwan. More than just a boy band, the F.T. Island boys are not only known for their good looks but also their ability to sing and play instruments. Fans of F.T. Island call themselves the Primadonnas, and carry yellow flags or penta sticks to express their support and love for the band.

F.T. Island debuted their first album, Cheerful Sensibility,” on June 2007. On the same month, the group performed “Lovesick,” one of the songs in their album, on M!Countdown. The song would later reign on top of the K-Pop Charts for an astounding 8 consecutive weeks.

Cheerful Sensibility showcased the band’s extraordinary talents with 13 songs that are divided into two parts: Emotional Chapter and F.T. Island Chapter. The album features songs in collaboration with talented singers and bands like SG Watanabe and SMAP, a Japanese band.The album was the sixth best selling album of 2007. It was again released in December of 2007, this time, with extra songs and photocards. A mixing program called Music 2.0, was also included in the album.

Choi Jong Hun, Choi Min Hwan, and Lee Jae Jin later formed the F.T. Triple in 2008, a subgroup of the band. According to some sources, F.T. Triple was formed as a back-up group during live performances, so that the lead singer of F.T. Island, Lee Hong Ki, will not over strain his voice. During that time, Lee Hong Ki was also busy with other commitments, including filming for the Korean teledrama, “You’re Beautiful.” The subgroup was first presented in their Japan concert as A3, but later changed their name to F.T. Triple in order to establish a connection with the original F.T. Island.

In 2008, the band released their album, “Prologue of F.T. Island,” a compilation of 8 songs including new versions of their old tracks, “Primadonna” and “F.T. Island.” They also released, “The One.” a single specifically for the Japanese market. The song was a commercial success, hitting number 9 on the Oricon music charts.

In 2010, the boys went on an Asian tour. They stayed in Japan until August of the same year to release two new singles, “Flower Rock” and “Brand New Days.”