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Members of F.T. Island reveal the reason why they end up doing hard rock for their comeback.

On the recent broadcast of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” the members of F.T. Island appeared as special guests and reveal their thoughts on their song-making process.

Hongki reveals, “I did not know that our sound would be so heavy. There was a rough feel to the songs prior to the editing process. However, as we worked on them, they end up being heavier. It sounded awesome which is why we decided to stick with it.”

With regards to the song production and composition team known as Hong’s Tower, which Hongki formed, he shares, “There used to be seven people in the team. Currently, we only have four. Jaejin also recently left the team.”

Jaejin then explains his leave by saying, “If you would like to be a part of Hong’s Tower, you would have to p[ay the monthly rent in order to use the recording studio. However, it was too expensive, which is why I just left.”

Meanwhile, the band also expressed their desire to continue making music even when they are over the age of 50. They also commented, “We hope that the band scene in Korea would rise once again and that music would become more diverse.”

F.T. Island made their comeback last month with the album, “Where’s the Truth?” along with the lead track “Take Me Now.”

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