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EXO member Lay has deleted all his posts in social media site Instagram while Xiumin deleted his Instagram account. Netizens suspected that it is due to EXO Tao’s contract termination issue.

Recently, Tao’s father has posted a letter saying that he wanted Tao to leave the group, as his son has been suffering too many injuries. He also added that as a father, he wants to have Tao’s health as his top priority. Meanwhile, Tao has expressed that he still wants to remain as a member of EXO.

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SM Entertainment confirmed that the post by Tao’s father were real and that they are doing their best to keep Tao in the group.

In a recent interview by Chinese media outlet SINA, Tao’s father has confirmed that Tao has agreed to leave the group and that his treatment will be the priority.

Fans feared that this might be the reason why the two remaining EXO-M members Lay and Xiumin have deleted their Instagram post and account. They also fear that the two members would also be leaving the group.

They are very worried as it is not the first time that a member has left the group. Former EXO-M members Kris and Luhan had already departed from the group last year.


SM Entertainment has not yet released an official statement regarding Tao’s alleged departure.

Some have expressed that they would still be supporting Tao if ever he decides to leave the group and wish that his ankle injury would heal. There are also some who wish that he would still stay as an EXO member and not leave.

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