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Girl group EvoL reported to be disbanding after Stardom Entertainment merged with Hunus Entertainment.

On August 12, media outlet Daily Sports reports that multiple entertainment insiders have revealed that EvoL has technically disbanded after Stardom Entertainment had merged with Hunus Entertainment.

It was said that after the companies merged recently, the CEO of Stardom Entertainment Cho PD has only took EvoL members Jucy and Say with him. While the remaining three members J-Da, Yull and Hayana had their contracts terminated.

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An insider reveals to the press, “Hayana, Yull, and J-Da were probably shocked since their contracts were terminated.”

“We were under the impression that the three remaining members were not really told as to why their contracts were suddenly terminated when the companies merged,” the insider adds.

Hunus Entertainment then responds to the disbandment rumors saying, “We are currently figuring out the details of the contracts.”

It has also been said that there were a lot of trainees under Stardom Entertainment who have terminated their contracts and have left the company.

Another insider who is said to be a former employee of Stardom Entertainment also reveals, “There were issues with finances, however, I think that there were also dissatisfaction regarding the lack of support by the company. Entertainment is eventually a business made by the people. Cho PD basically turned his back on his employees as well as the artists who sacrificed their entire youth for the company during the merge with Hunus Entertainment.”


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