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TV personality and former leader of first generation boy group Sechs Kies, Eun Ji Won writes a sweet letter for ‘sasaengs.’

He writes:

I have something to say. I am bad at writing. However, I cut down on my sleep and took a pen up. I know that you are disappointed with me for some things. This is what I want to say… Every time I come home from my schedule, you would always greet me in front of my house. However, I just go inside…

It is not that you guys are annoying or tiresome. If I had everything my way, I want to talk and hang out with all of you all night. However, you guys know that I can’t do that, right? So, I hope you would understand me a little.

Whenever I see you in front my house, I think that there are people who care about me and love me, and that makes me happy. However, if you really do like me, I hope that you will understand that I could not meet with you personally.

My mother knows this. However, there are times when I could not sleep because I think about you guys. I am worried about you. Aren’t you cold? What if you guys get hungry? Where do you sleep? Even if I am tired, I could not sleep with these thoughts.

Please try to understand and forgive me! Do not think, ‘I am okay.’ I am really worried about you guys. Go home, spend time with your parents. Maybe your parents would like Sechs Kies too.

Eun Ji Won letter

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