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Singer and television host Eric Nam talks about his goals and comeback with “Good For You.”

On the recent press conference for Eric Nam’s newest mini-album titled “Interview,” the singer talks about his goals as a singer and his lead track “Good For You” which he also wrote.

When asked if the lyrics of “Good For You” are based on his own experience, he reveals, “I have not dated for a long time. Since I decided that I needed to focus on broadcasts and music while in Korea. ‘Good For You’ is a song which I wrote while digging deep into the thoughts which I have every day.”

He also reveals, “I may be a singer, however, there are a lot which I still need to learn. I see this album as a new start for me. I would work hard in order to listen more, feel more and express more in the future. I will also work hard in order for me to be acknowledged by the people as a singer-songwriter. I will also work hard to create a sound which is unique to me.”

Eric Nam is known for appearing as a contestant on the show, “Birth of a Great Star 2” after making cover songs on YouTube. He later debuted as a solo artist and is known for his songs, “The Blue Night of Jeju Island,” “I’m OK,” and “Melt My Heart.”

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