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U-KISS member Eli writes a handwritten letter for his fans about his new family and shares it through U-KISS’ official SNS.

He writes:

 “I am greeting you all for the first time in a year with our 11th mini-album! A lot of things happened up until now. There were good news. However, in my opinion, there were more surprising and shocking news. I always feel sorry toward our U-KISS members and to our KISS ME~ Did you all have a difficult time because of me? The struggle is probably going on, but thank you very much for always cheering me on and giving love to the U-KISS members. Thanks to you all, I was able to participate in this album. I have been away from SNS, but you all still came to my ‘Simply’ recording and cheered for me. I am really touched and thankful. I will work ever harder for you guys who have waited for this promotion. I am not only appearing on the music shows, but as well as in the variety shows and on ‘V’ app! Please look forward to it. Honestly, I am very nervous and afraid. However, since KISS ME is cheering for me, I will smile without worrying about others. I can do that, right? Thank you, I love you guys!”

He also adds:

“Oh! Recently, KISS ME’s nephew was born. His Korean name is not yet decided, but his English name is Michael. Please give him a lot of love. He is assured with so many aunts around! Even though my baby was born, I will try not to let it affect my schedules and the U-KISS members. Please cheer me on! I sincerely appreciate you guys. My KISS ME sisters, I love you! Forever!”

Eli handwritten letter

The U-KISS member married his wife back in 2014 and welcomed a baby boy in June 2016.