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DSP Media releases their statement regarding rumors of KARA’s disbandment.

Recently, KARA members Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara have been rumored to be leaving the management agency following their contract expiration. Moreover, Youngji, who has joined the group later, has been rumored to be having a solo debut.

In regards to the issue, the agency reveals, “The members have not said anything directly regarding changing agencies. While it is true that the three members have been in touch with the other agencies, we still do not know what their exact plans are.”

Moreover, fans were quick to notice that Youngji have removed the word ‘KARA’ from her Instagram username. Her account name used to be @kara_youngji_hur but has now been changed into @young_g_hur.

youngji instagramRegarding Youngji’s rumored solo career, the agency also reveals, “She is continuing on with the daily training she had always received. The existing members’ stances have not been put into order yet. We have not made plans for Youngji’s solo preparations.”

The three members were rumored to be leaving DSP Media and would be moving to other agencies. Hara, in particular, has also been rumored to been in talks to join KEYEAST Entertainment for her acting career.

However, KEYEAST CEO Yang Geun Hwan commented, “It is true that we did meet Hara recently. However, we met because I am personally close with her. She did not come to talk regarding a contract.”


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