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The new SBS drama “Don’t Dare to Dream” has made their response following the criticisms they received for their portrayal of weather forecasters.

The drama stars actress Gong Hyo Jin, who plays a role of a weather forecaster who dreams of becoming a news anchor. However, after the airing of its first episode, several viewers have criticized the show for allegedly degrading the job of weather forecasters. The viewers pointed out that the show portrayed the profession as unstable and inferior to that of news anchors.

The scene where Gong Hyo Jin’s character wore paddings while forecasting since the male director encouraged her to show off her curves also gained lots of criticisms.

Gong Hyo Jin “Don’t Dare to Dream”

In response to the issues, the representative of the production company released an official statement, “We had definitely no intention of degrading the job of weather forecasters. The reason why the character was portrayed so dramatically was because it is a drama. We hope that you would not make judgments based on the first episode alone. We hope that you would continue to watch and find out how the female lead comes to find pride in her job as a weather forecaster.”

They also add, “We apologize if it appeared as if we were degrading them. However, we had no intention of doing so.”

Aside from Gong Hyo Jin, the drama also stars actors Jo Jung Suk and Go Kyung Pyo.

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